What is a Free Zone Company?

A company that is operating in any Free Trade Zone or Free Zone in Dubai UAE and is allowed to avoid all types of personal and corporate taxes is called a Free Zone Company Dubai. Free Trade Zone or Free Zone in Dubai UAE is such zone where investors don’t have to pay any kind of Personal and Corporate taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, Corporate Tax, and Customs. Another important thing about Free Zone is the investors enjoy a 100% proprietorship of their business. That means the investors don’t need to have local partners or sponsors.

The main objective of the free zone is to attract more foreign investment in Dubai and accelerate economic activities. Dubai was the first one in UAE’s emirates to initiate Free Zone Model in the UAE. You must not mix Freehold areas with Free Zones as there is a big difference between free-hold and free-zone. That’s where the Overseas Business Setup team comes in, walking you through it step-by-step, steering you in the right direction, saving you money, and ultimately making the entire experience a stress-free one. 

How to a Dubai Free Zone Company?

If you want to open your business in Dubai free zone and don’t want to have local partners or sponsors, then Free Zone is the best alternative for you and your business entity. In Free Zones, you can enjoy 100% ownership of your business. This is one of the big advantages you will get from the Dubai Free Zone Company.

Apart from the other emirates of the UAE, Dubai alone has more than 20 Free Zones such as Jebel Ali free zone and Shams free zone with a great variety of business activities. Every Zone has the benefit of great infrastructure, tax impunity, high-quality business manners, and humble government policies. For a quick and smooth Dubai free zone company setup, contact us for consultation.

5 Easy Steps to Setup a Free Zone Company in Dubai UAE
Dubai Free Zone Company formation is quite an easy and straightforward task for us. Overseas Business Setup guides you in your business and license registration processes. These registration processes have some unique formalities to be performed by the investors. Overseas Business Setup is very glad to give you the necessary guidance for your free zone business setup in Dubai.  

1. Select Your Business Type
Choosing your business type is the first step towards the setup of business in a Free Zone in Dubai UAE. If you don’t define your business activity, you can’t apply for a license for your business entity.

2. Find Your Desired Free Zone
After selecting your business type, the most important thing you need to do is to choose your desired Free Zone in Dubai. As you have already known that there are over 20 Free Zones in Dubai. Some of these Zones provide specific services to specific sectors like IT, Healthcare and Trading, etc.

3. Choose Your Company Name
By choosing a name for your dream business entity, you are one step forward to make it come true. Select the best name of your choice which suits your business activity because there are several things to get the approval of your proposed name. While choosing your business name, you should keep in mind that you avoid Religious references, Political organizations, and Blasphemous words.

4. Ready All the Documents Before Applying For a License
Now, Ready all the necessary documents and apply for a business license. Your business activity will decide your license type. To start the proceedings fill out the application form, prepare all necessary documents and submit them for approval. It may take 2 to 4 weeks to get a license. You can also apply for your VISA at the same time.

5. Opening of Business Bank Account
Once you have completed the previous steps to register your business in a Free Zone. After getting your business trade license you need to open a corporate business bank account. To open a business account for your business entity, you will have to submit your trade license copy along with other necessary documents to the bank you have chosen.

What Are The Benefits of a Dubai Free Zone Company?

There are many advantages of a Free Zone Company in Dubai UAE. Here are some exciting ones for you…

  • You can enjoy 100% proprietorship of your business.
  • Full tax impunity for you and your business entity. This is an ideal feature for a foreign investor because it helps to grow the business more smoothly.
  • Tax impunity helps those who intend to use UAE regional manufacturing or work as a distributor of produced goods.
  • An attractive, business-friendly environment.
  • Great infrastructures to operate your business with ease.
  • Government policies beneficial to the business to a great extent.
  • You will save a big portion of your Dubai free zone license cost, Dubai free zone company setup cost, and Dubai free zone visa cost.
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One of the well-known Emirati household name is the Babaaish Family across multiple generations in the UAE. 

What Are The Business Activities of a Dubai Free Zone Company?

The very first step you should take is to set up your business in any Free Zone of Dubai by selecting your business activity. If you want to execute more than one activity, you can choose multiple business activities. At the first consultation with us, we will help you to select the best business activity or activities for your business entity. This will help you to get a Dubai free zone license for your business quickly.

Here are some of the most popular business activities of Free Zone Companies in Dubai.

Broadcast Management
You can do Radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, and Web streaming under this category. But, you will need approval from the respected authority for this activity. Moreover, some specific packages will support this activity only.

Consultancy includes a wide range of consulting services such as Business consultancy, Lifestyle consultancy, Investment consultancy, Legal consultancy, and Human resource consultancy.

Education And Training
There are a lot of activities included under this package but you need to make sure that you have VISA eligibility for this package. Without VISA eligibility, you can’t avail of this package.

Event Management
Many activities like Conference organization, Theatre production and many more are included in it.

Film, Production and Post-Production
If you have this license, you can produce Film, Art, and Videos. You can also perform post-production activities.

Under this package, you can manufacture and process the raw materials. This activity often unites with Warehouse requirements.

IT Services
IT services include a wide range of activities of the Information and Communication Technology sector and e-commerce.

Media and Marketing Services
This category includes Advertising, Public relations, Research, and many more activities.

Music and Entertainment
This package includes the most popular activities like Music production, Recordings, Music promotion, Music management, Music rights, and Music theme park management.

Publishing of different types of Books, Magazines, online content, and many more activities are included in this package.

You can perform any kind of Export and Import related activities under this package.

Our Services You Will Need to Form a Free Zone Company in Dubai:

We are a business consulting firm in Dubai UAE. We work to help entrepreneurs and investors to setup business in Dubai UAE quite easily. We will serve you at the least cost.  We will also help you to complete your company formation process according to the rules and regulations of the UAE government. If you want to get your business entity registered for a Free Zone Company in Dubai UAE, then let our Business Consulting Service (Your company name) to guide you all the way through. We will choose the best and most effective corporate structure for your business entity. We will help you to register your business in Dubai UAE. Along with the help to register your business, we will also provide our services such as- EJARI SERVICES, PRO SERVICES, BUSINESS PLAN SERVICES, PRIVATE OFFICE SERVICES, LOCAL SPONSOR SERVICES and LOCAL AGENT SERVICES for you.

We are an experienced Business Consulting Firm in Dubai UAE. So, you can rely on us for a quick and legal business formation in Dubai.

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