How to Register Instant Trade License in Dubai

An instant license is introduced by DED (Dubai Economic Department), to make the company registration process easy and fast. In just quick steps you can get your instant trade license. As soon as you get your trade license as a Dubai Instant trade license, you will get a membership certificate from the Dubai chamber, then you can apply for the establishment card.

Instant Trade License Benefits:

  1. Get your license in 7 to 10 minutes.
  2. Within one day issuance of your instant license.
  3. You can start business immediately.
  4. Business trade name registration is not required.
  5. MOA is not required.

Eligibility Criteria
A business activity that requires any kind of external approval, from any other government body other than the DED (Dubai Economy Department). You cannot get that activity’s Instant License.

If the owner’s nationality requires any security approval, then such citizens cannot apply for the instant license. If you are on a tourist visa, then owner of the license must physically be present at any service center of the DED. And If the owner is a resident or citizen of UAE, then the process can be done completely online through the E-services portal but before that, the owner is supposed to apply for UAE pass.

What is Trade License?

A trade license means, a license that permits you to start your business in Dubai. Having a instant trade license Dubai, means a business entity in Dubai can operate the business activities. It can also operate its business activities using different social media accounts. This license works as guidance for the starters to take them to the right track. The license also intends to show the entrepreneurs and investors the right and legal way to enter into the business world. DED trade license gives the investors a protection shield again unexpected incidents.

Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai

DED Dubai has 4 license categories or types in Dubai, which are Professional License, Commercial License, Industrial License, and Tourism License. You can operate many business activities under your business trade license. Before you start your business, you need to know about the trade license dubai registration process. As stated above, you can perform different business activities under one license.

1. Commercial Trade License

The companies that operate buying and selling goods need a commercial instant trade license Dubai. If a business entity wants to operate its business activities in UAE or beyond its geographical area, then it should have a commercial license first. Many business activities can be operated with commercial license such as brokerage firms, marketing of products, logistic services, rental services, real estate services, import-export services, etc.

2. Professional License​

Any company that is looking to relate its business to different kinds of services compulsorily needs a professional license. With the presence of a local service agent in the process, a Professional License holding company can enjoy a 100% proprietorship of the business. This is a plus point for any business. Under this license, your business entity can operate certain business activities, like auditing and accounting, design and marketing, management consultancy. Contact us for any e-trade license online processing in Dubai.

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3. Industrial License

If your company operates industrial and manufacturing activities, you just need to have an Industrial license to operate your business in Dubai. Before you can get such type of trade license in Dubai you need an office. Covering of products, product furnishing, formulation of different types of products, product packaging activities can be operated under this license. For any information regarding the Industrial trade license, feel free to contact us any time.

4. Tourism License

Millions of people from all over the world visit Dubai as it has numerous attractive places for tourists. To promote tourism in Dubai, the UAE government has thought about offering tourism license for companies from home and abroad. Hospitality management businesses, travel agencies, travel operators, etc. require a tourism license to operate their activities legally.

What Is The Cost Of Trade License Dubai?

The license cost is not fixed, because it depends on some factors. Your company type, company size, the country you belong to, your host are the most important factors in considering the license cost in Dubai. In terms of general charges, license cost may start from AED 12000. Fees related to your business activity initiates from AED 150 to 500. We work for the processing of all kinds of licenses including the general trading license in Dubai.

How Can I Get A Trade License In Dubai UAE?

Getting a trade license in Dubai is an easy and straightforward task nowadays. The first thing that you should do is to apply for a Dubai trade license as per your business activities. Choose the license category that suits your business activities. There are a lot of options for you to choose. For instance, if your business entity operates goods-related activities, then you need a Commercial license. If your business entity operates manufacturing activities, then you will need an Industrial license. If you offer professional services, then you need a Professional license for your business entity. So, we can state that the license category entirely depends on your business activity. No matter which category you select, the registration process is easy and affordable. We will help you to get a DED instant license for your business entity.

What Is The Renewal Cost Of A Trade License In Dubai?

Before you renewal of your trade license, you should make sure that you have a valid tenancy agreement for that particular period. For getting the renewal of the tenancy agreement, you need to have approval from the Ejari as well. Because Ejari is the valid real estate controlling authority. Now, apply to the DED with a renewal form. the renewal fee for a General trade license is AED 25,000. If you are not familiar with the renewal process of your trade license then we will help you.

What Is The Cost Of A Freelance Visa In Dubai?

The freelancer visa cost in Dubai is around AED 12000 with the validity of 2 years. Moreover, you can also sponsor your family in the UAE. If you want to sponsor your family in the UAE, then it would be under the family visa but not under your company name. The validity of the family visa will also be 2 years. To start the registration process you can contact us at Overseas Business Setup and we will help you to get a Dubai freelancer visa.

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