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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

offshore company formation Dubai

offshore company formation Dubai

What is an Offshore Company?

If you want to start a business of your own and you have alternatives to choose from, you must consider forming an Offshore Company with the highest priority. Why should you give it the highest priority? Because, if you form Offshore Company in Dubai, you will get a lot of advantages which others can’t even think of offering you at all. The more you will learn about Offshore Company formation Dubai, the more it will attract you. For this reason, we are disclosing some exciting information regarding Offshore Company.

In simple words, an Offshore Company is an institution which is incorporated far away from its country of origin. For example, if your company executes its activities in Canada, you can form an Offshore Company in countries like UAE, Malaysia, Panama, Singapore, and alike countries those have a helpful attitude towards foreign institutions. Nevertheless, an Offshore Company can’t execute its business activities amidst the country of its origin.

How to Register an Offshore Company in Dubai?

You can register your offshore company either for Individual shareholders or for corporate shareholders.

For individual shareholders:

  • A notarized copy of your passport.
  • Utility bill as proof of your residence.
  • Reference letter from the bank.
  • Shareholder’s data.
  • 3 to 5 chosen names for your offshore company. One of these names will be chosen as your offshore company name.
  • Detailed information about the beneficiaries of the company. Detailed information will help the authority to process your application more smoothly.

If you contact us as your consultant, we will do the rest to form an offshore company in Dubai.

     For corporate shareholders:

  • Attested copy of the trade license or incorporation certificate.
  • Attested copy of resolution of the shareholders.
  • Parent company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Passport copy of the directors, shareholders, and secretary of the Dubai offshore company.
  • Attested copy of the parent company’s good standing.
  • The registrar may ask for other documents during the registration process if needed.
  • If the person who is registering the company is not the founder of that company, then, all the documents mentioned above may be asked to show again to determine the original beneficiary of the company.

As we are expert in offshore company formation Dubai, contact us for the your Dubai offshore company formation process. We will help & guide you all the way through to your destination.

What Are The Benefits of an Offshore Company Formation Dubai?

The benefits of an offshore company formation Dubai primarily rely on a couple of things, which are mentioned below:

  • Where do you live? And
  • Which country do you choose as your host?

Offshore company formation Dubai also saves your money in many ways. Offshore companies need to pay a lower tax compared to that of paid in its country of origin. Just think about it once again! When you pay less or lower taxes, it indicates that you have extra money at your hand. If you wish, you can reinvest them in your business or make a big savings for bad times rather handing them over to the government.

Moreover, offshore companies have the access to a great deal of privacy though they are operating their activities, for example, in countries like Panama and Belize. In those two countries, governments have imposed strict privacy policies for their citizens. For instance, your investment will be protected from outsiders when you form an offshore company in Panama. You will also get similar advantages when you complete an offshore company setup in Dubai. You can even hide the names of the shareholders from the records of the company. This privacy feature overcomes all the features in the business arena. You will get a comparative picture of offshore on shore business in Dubai and in rest of the world. Don’t hesitate! Take the best decision to setup an offshore business in Dubai and move one step forward towards the fulfilment of your dreams.

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One of the well-known Emirati household name is the Babaaish Family across multiple generations in the UAE. 

What Are the Business Activities of an Offshore Company in Dubai?

An offshore company performs a lot of business activities. Some are mentioned below:

E-Commerce Services: Under this package, an offshore company can perform almost all types of e-commerce activities.

IP Holding Services: Under this package, IP-related activities can be performed easily.

Foreign Trading: Export-import trade can be performed under this package.

Consultation Services: Consultation plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. It has an even bigger role in business. Under this package, an offshore company can provide all types of consultation services.

Wealth Planning: Wealth planning is an important feature of an offshore company’s activities. Under this package, an offshore company can provide all related services to make the best use of wealth.

Broker Services: Broker houses play a vital role in business. Services like Forex or Coin trading are very popular nowadays.

Business Expansion: Expansion of businesses from one country to another is another important feature of the offshore company’s activities. It helps to make big profits in a shorter period of time. There are a lot of exciting offers for an offshore company in Dubai under this package.

Our Services You Will Need to Form an Offshore Company in Dubai UAE

We are a firm of business setup consultants in Dubai UAE. We will guide you all the way through in the process of offshore company formation Dubai. We work with an aim to help the entrepreneurs and investors for offshore company setup in Dubai UAE with perfection. We will help you to complete your company formation process according to the rules and regulations of the UAE government. If you wish to get your business entity registered as an Offshore Company in Dubai UAE, then let us guide you all the way through. We will choose the best and most effective corporate structure for your business entity. We will cordially help you to register your offshore business in Dubai UAE. Along with the help to register your business, we will also provide our other important services such as- EJARI SERVICES, PRO SERVICES, BUSINESS PLAN SERVICES, PRIVATE OFFICE SERVICES, LOCAL SPONSOR SERVICES, and LOCAL AGENT SERVICES for you.

We are an experienced business consulting firm in setting up a business in offshore Dubai UAE. So, you can rely on us for a quick and legal business formation in Dubai. Your business entity’s name will be in the UAE company register in a few days.

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