Technology driving engagement in UAE

Technology driving engagement in UAE

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Technology driving engagement in UAE’s sports sector

Emerging technologies will continue to offer the potential for sports organizations to enhance their efficiency and management, engagement with both new and existing fans, enhance team productivity and performance, and monetize growing international audiences.

High-performance sports have always been the ultimate meeting point, surpassing geographies, cultures, and generations, but what many fans don’t seem to realize is the increasingly important role that technology today plays in driving engagement and bringing people together from all over the world.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Tania Le Voi, senior director of Oracle Digital, highlighted how, over the years, technology has been transforming the world of sports. “From video technology to virtual reality, we are now witnessing a game-changing era; the implementation of data analytics, emerging technologies like Machine Learning and cloud computing across various types of high-performance sports to deliver unique insights and exceptional customer experience.”

One of the most high-impact recent implementations is the example of global sailing sports league – SailGP – which deployed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to redefine fan engagement and race management. As sailing races are run, the 1,200 sensors, cameras and microphones put fans at the heart of the SailGP action. The estimated 20 megabytes of data gathered are streamed to the Oracle Cloud within 200 milliseconds and made available to the staff, teams, fans and umpires of the race.

The data is stored using Oracle’s Autonomous Database software on the Oracle Cloud and then streamed out to the teams, mobile app, and broadcasters through the company’s GoldenGate data integration and replication software. The unique element of SailGP is that, with the deployment of Oracle Cloud, real-time data focused on team performance – and even on potential hazards from weather conditions – allows for accurate predictions that can influence the race.